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Welcome to

The Practice Collective

A Membership Based Shared Office Space for Private Practice Professionals to

see Clients, Connect, and Collaborate in a Secure and Supportive Environment.


About The Practice Collective

At The Practice Collective, we understand the unique needs of private practice. Our mission is to provide a secure, HIPAA compliant environment where you can comfortably and confidently see your clients while building an inclusive community of value-aligned professionals. At The Practice Collective, you can focus on delivering exceptional care while we handle the rest.

Flexible Memberships to
Suit Your Schedule

When you join The Practice Collective, you gain access to flexible membership options that cater to your scheduling preferences. Whether you need space on a weekly or biweekly basis, our plans can accommodate your needs. Enjoy the freedom to create a work schedule that aligns with your practice and maximizes your productivity.

Private Offices for Client Sessions

Our co-working space features four move-in-ready private offices, thoughtfully designed to offer a tranquil and professional atmosphere for client sessions. Each office is equipped with amenities to ensure your clients' privacy and comfort.  Rest assured, we prioritize maintaining a secure and confidential environment that is HIPAA compliant with sound dampening insulation and sound machines throughout, safeguarding your clients' privacy.

Fostering Connections with
Fellow Professionals

Beyond private offices, we provide a welcoming community coworking space where you can do administrative tasks as well as network and connect with fellow private practice professionals. We know that building relationships with other professionals can lead to potential client referrals, expanding your practice reach and impact. We value building relationships and fostering a cohesive and supportive community. This space offers opportunities for collaboration, networking, and supporting one another in your professional journeys. Additionally, as members of The Practice Collective, you have the opportunity to be added to our professional directory, expanding your visibility and reach within our thriving community.

Dedicated Space for Groups & Events

At The Practice Collective, we recognize the value of continuous education and personal growth. We offer a dedicated area for hosting groups and educational events. Whether you're interested in organizing workshops, support groups, or other educational initiatives, our space provides a versatile setting to accommodate your needs. 
If you’d like to learn more about reserving this space, reach out to Sam at

More Than Just a Shared Office Space
- A Thriving Community

By choosing The Practice Collective, you become part of a community of helping professionals who share your dedication to delivering exceptional care. We invite you to join us in creating a secure and supportive environment where you can thrive both personally and professionally.

Join Us Today!

Discover the benefits of being part of The Practice Collective. Embrace a space that not only respects your privacy and professional needs but also encourages inclusivity and collaboration. We welcome you to be a part of our vibrant community where your practice can truly flourish.


Membership Benefits

formal mailing address

24/7 access to office spaces

secure & safe keypad entry

secure high-speed wifi

inclusive & aligned community

community room & event spaces

move-in ready private offices

networking opportunities

flexible scheduling


Choose Your Membership




This is the perfect plan for a private-practice professional looking for a space to see clients in-person on an as-needed basis.

Unlimited community work space
$25/hr room rental
Business Address (helpful if you're looking to get paneled on insurance!)
Access to weekly check-in/coworking hours with other members
Access to reduced cost workshops/CEs
Profile on Public Directory Site




This is the perfect plan for a private-practice professional looking for a half day per week of seeing clients in-person in a fully furnished office space.

Everything in the community plan
16 hours of private office space
Additional time is $20/hour

Community Plan.png



This is the perfect plan for a private-practice professional looking for *just about* one day a week of seeing clients in-person in a fully furnished office space.

Everything in the community plan
24 hours of private office space
Additional time is $20/hour

Community Plan.png



This is the perfect plan for a hybrid private-practice professional looking for roughly 2 half days a week of seeing clients in-person in a fully furnished office space per month.

Everything in the community plan
32 hours of private office space
Additional time is $15/hour

View The Spaces


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I reserve a space without a membership?
    We prioritize keeping The Practice Collective a safe and secure space, therefore membership is required to reserve a room. We welcome you to experience our cozy atmosphere and see why our community is so special. Come on in and let's get you set up for success!
  • Is there a long-term commitment?
    We believe in flexibility, so all membership packages are month-to-month with a cancellation period of 30 days.
  • What are the benefits of joining a shared workspace vs. renting a private office myself?
    Enjoy cost-effectiveness with flexible membership options while becoming part of an inclusive, collaborative community. As a member, you'll enjoy the flexibility to choose your preferred weekly or hourly slots for client sessions, ensuring a tranquil and professional atmosphere in our move-in ready private offices. Access amenities and networking opportunities, and say goodbye to office management worries—we handle it all. Our ready-to-use, HIPAA compliant private offices offer efficiency and professionalism, giving you more time to focus on your practice and achieve a better work-life balance.
  • How much does a membership cost?
    Memberships start at $45/month. Visit the membership tab to learn more. Looking for something that we don’t currently offer? Reach out to us at and let us know! As a local small biz, we want to know what our community is looking for.
  • Can I bring a guest?
    Absolutely! Guests are welcome to join a monthly coworking/networking meeting. Bring a guest along on the house for their first visit (virtual or in-person).
  • What networking opportunities are available?
    At The Practice Collective, we value the importance of collaboration and networking. Monthly, we will be hosting a coworking and networking hour where you can connect and collaborate with fellow mental health professionals virtually or in-person. This dynamic gathering provides a valuable opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations, share insights, and foster new connections within our inclusive community. Whether you prefer the convenience of virtual attendance or the enriching experience of in-person interaction, our Friday afternoon sessions offer a platform for networking and coworking that will inspire personal growth and professional development. In addition to our monthly co-working and networking session, we will be hosting additional networking socials to meet and collaborate with other members. Are you interested in hosting a networking event? Reach out to us at and let’s chat!
  • What’s the community like?
    At The Practice Collective, our community is made of value-aligned and inclusive professionals. We share a common dedication to creating a positive impact on our clients and the world. Here, you'll find a safe and welcoming atmosphere for yourself and for your clients, where empathy and collaboration are at the core of everything we do.
  • This is amazing! How can I join?
    We're thrilled that you're interested in joining The Practice Collective! To become a part of our vibrant community and enjoy the benefits of co-working and collaborating, simply visit our website at and follow the easy steps to sign up. We can't wait to welcome you aboard!

Contact Us

ADDRESS: 29532 Southfield Rd Suite 115, Southfield, MI 48076

TEL: 248-739-0343 | EMAIL: | INSTAGRAM: @practice.collective

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